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3D surveying with optical measurement systems (from object surveying, photogrammetric imaging, terrestrial, mobile and airborne laser scanning, UAV flight, etc.) is at the heart of the process chain, which is carried out by the extensive ArcTron team of experts.

The team of engineers and technicians processes the 3D data into elevation and terrain models, creates digital, photorealistic 3D models and CAD plans, aerial photographs and more.

3D designers integrate these data into simulation and real-time platforms, film projects, app developments, 3D (museum) applications, in holograms and high-quality virtual reality / augmented reality solutions or prepare the data for the in-house model building department. Using 3D printers, CNC milling machines or casting moulds, exhibition models in various sizes and materials are produced in museum quality. Discover what ArcTron 3D can do for you by sufing the following pages…

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