3D Reconstructions

Historical reconstruction – bringing history to life

We create professionally proficient 3D reconstructions according to your visions.

Reconstruction of the architectural complex Katharinenspital at around 1300 (commissioned by the city of Regensburg).

We develop professional content according to the intention, budget and size of the project, all depending on your requirements. Our own archaeological employees cover Pre- and Protohistory, archaeology of the Roman Provinces and the Middle Ages and many projects have been, and are currently carried out, in cooperation with specially assigned scientists and experts for the respective topics.

If there are vague facts or data, it is possible to digitally visualize several versions and options. The process of reconstruction and visualization is carried out and documented in consecutive steps – from schematic displays at the beginning of the project, to final photorealistic visualizations.

The progress and results of the project are continuously documented in internet blogs, to which everyone involved in the project has secured access. All necessary data can be accessed on this platform, which facilitates project communication.

Reconstruction of the Roman patrol boat of Oberstimm.

In this 2006 animation for the “Archaeological State Collection Munich” and the “Celtic and Roman Museum Manching”, a Roman boat – on exhibition in Manching – is reconstructed based on the preserved wooden remains.