3D Animation

Since 2001, we have been working on the realisation of 3D animations with a steadily growing team of 3D artists and graphic designers.

3D Animation und Filmproduction

From the 3D models and visualisations we create budget-oriented film productions (TV, video, DVD, Internet, museums) or supplementary animation sequences for your production. In compositing, the 3D animations are further processed and, if necessary, combined with real scenes and other effects. 

For the audio we work with professional narrators (multilingual), musicians and sound designers (background sounds).

Our small company-owned “render farm” is equipped with powerful servers and numerous workstations. There we are able to realize extensive projects with complex photorealistic 3D models, light and particle simulations in high resolutions and frame rates.

In a large number of projects, we have also dealt with provincial Roman themes for various television productions (e.g. ZDF Terra-X) but also for diverse media productions for monument preservation authorities, museums and state exhibitions.

Here you can see some of our capabilities for the presentation of provincial Roman architecture and animated Roman troop units.