3D Animations

We have been creating 3D animations with our team of five 3D artist and designers since 2001.

We create film productions (TV, video, DVD, internet, museums) or additional animation sequences for your project based on the constructed visualizations. We also work with professional narrators (multi-lingual), musicians and sound artists (background sounds) for sound recording.

Our small company-owned “render farm” is equipped with powerful servers and numerous workstations. There we are able to realize extensive projects with complex photorealistic 3D models, light and particle simulations in high resolutions and frame rates.

Rhaetian Limes in 3D – High-tech airborne survey

In this 2010 production for the Bavarian State Office of Cultural Heritage and the State Office for Non-State-Run Museums we show not only the full advantages and results of our modern airborne laser scanning methods, but also visualizations of different development stages of the Limes in Bavaria. Sequenes of this production have also been shown on ZDF (Terra-X).