As a service provider for archaeology, monument preservation, architecture, industry and museums, we have been active worldwide for 20 years. Find out more about the wide range of services offered by the ArcTron Group on the following pages. Here you will find detailed information on the individual services offered and further links and documents.

3D Surveying
Model Making

Surveying Services

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Airborne Laserscanning

3D Laser Scanning

Object Scanning

UAV Photogrammetry

Aerial Photos

Picture & Video Flights

Tacheometry and GPS

Software Development

3D Data Processing

Historical Architectural Research

Interactive Applications

Augmented Reality

Multimedia Services

Virtual Reality

3D Animation

3D Reconstructions

Museums and Exhibitions

Conception of Exhibitions

3D Projections


Graphic Services

Professional Prints

Museum Shop Products

Stereo 3D

3D Printing & Replication Service

Cast Models

High Resolution Relief Printing


Archaeological Services

Archaeological Documentation

Archaeological Excavation

Trial Trenching and Topsoil Removal

Find Drawings