Picture & Video Flights

Our specially trained aerial photographers can take exclusive, aesthetic and professional aerial photos of your monument, your company headquarters, your outdoor event or anything else you would like to see photographed from the air.

Bild- und Videoflüge Trike
Photo flight over Regensburg

We work with high-quality digital SLR cameras and special filters and lenses (e.g. telephoto and fisheye wide-angle lenses). Full HD or stereo-3D videos are also in our product range. We can process the high-resolution digital images into large-format posters, high-quality canvas prints, multimedia solutions or even real 3D models!

Almost everything is possible- please ask us about our extensive services around airborne documentation!

3D-documentation flights to record e.g. mines, archaeological sites, land plots or monuments

Using the SfM (Structure from Motion) method, we calculate digital 3D models from high-resolution photos, for example, for as-built documentation, volume-calculation, etc.

Photo flights e.g. after natural disasters, to document construction sites or traffic accidents

Give us a call – we can start at short notice if weather conditions permit.

For sightseeing flights in and around Regensburg visit the website: http://airborne.arctron.de/

Flight videos about rivers, lakes, ships ...