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Here you will find selected publications about ArcTron 3D projects.

Television report on the specialized event
"Focus: New Media in Museums and Exhibitions".

Here is a link to the TV report with some impressions of the event. (Ger.)

GEO Magazine: Valcamonica -
A Revolution in Archaeology

In the issue 02/February 2014 the GEO Magazine reports in an 11-page article about the current research work “3D-Pitoti” in Valcamonica.

Extract from the table of contents:
Im Fokus der Forschung: Im Tal der Püppchen (Ger.)

A huge archive of prehistoric engravings covers the sandstone humps in Valcamonica. Researchers want to use 3D technology to reveal the secret of the "Pitoti": the little puppets from the Stone Age.
3D-Pitoti GEO Magazin 2-2014 Im Tal der Püppchen