Conception of Exhibitions

We offer professional services for planning and implementing your events and exhibition projects. Our team and network of experts (interior designers, museum didacts, graphic and 3D designers, IT specialists and engineers from different fields) guarantees innovative and manifold presentation concepts with spectacular and customer-oriented event creations.

We are respected for, and make great effort to meet, high quality standards concerning conceptualization, design and implementation of our presentations.

Services Available:

  • basic evaluation and calculation
  • basic research on the exhibition topic
  • preliminary planning (digital CAD exhibition plan)
  • design (also as “virtual” 3D plan
  • implementation planning (planning interior design with an overall concept for glass cases, indoor climate, electronic system, media devices, technical equipment and lighting, etc.)
  • multimedia concepts and integration of presentation technologies
  • selection of exhibits and organisation of lending agreements
  • professional graphic data creation, processing and printing
  • preparation of and contribution in the contract allocation process
  • object care & security
  • supervision of exhibition arrangements/facilities
  • property support
  • documentation
  • development of marketing concepts and strategies
  • accompanying programmes such as lectures, guided tours