Aerial Photos

We take aerial photos and document research areas, monuments or excavation sites comprehensively and in high resolution with a single survey flight.

Photogrammetry Flights and Aerial Archaeology

Gathering Raw Data

  • aerial survey by helicopter, small or ultralight aircraft
  • aerial survey by drone (multirotor) with SLR-camera (only for small areas)
  • recording with high resolution digital images
  • most common image resolution: </= 10 cm/ground pixel
Aerial archaeological prospection on behalf of the State Office for Monument Conservation Landesamtes für Denkmalpflege Baden-Württemberg, Roman "villa rustica" in Sontheim a.d. Brenz
Aerial archaeological prospection commisioned by the Landesamtes für Denkmalpflege Baden-Württemberg, Roman "villa rustica" in Sontheim a.d. Brenz

Processing Image Data

  • image optimization and adjustment (color, contrast, brightness)
  • Image rectification and optimization of georeferencing
  • computation of image mosaics

Data Delivery

  • orthophotos (RGB)
  • position and altitude accuracy in the cm range
  • in blocks of 0,5/1 km²
  • TIFF-format with TFW
  • aerial image mosaic
  • CAD-maps
  • GIS-software Global Mapper

As additional options, we can now also offer you other multisensor technologies depending on the project:

  • thermal camera (thermal images)
  • hyperspectral camera (chemical-physical properties)

Models with reference to our work / SFM aerial image archaeology

ArcTron – Airborne Sensing GmbH, with aerial archaeologist Martin Schaich, has been carrying out archaeological flights in the southern part of Baden-Württemberg since 2016. The project is part of a flying assignment commissioned the State Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments at the Stuttgart Regional Council. On one hand, the focus is on the discovery and 2D and 3D documentation of new archaeological features and monuments. On the other hand, Schaich is continuously taking the opportunity to fly a few extra circles around historical buildings in order to document them fundamentally in three dimensions. Thus we were able to provide sufficient image material to calculate also many castles in Baden-Württemberg.

Visit these interactive 3D castle models on Sketchfab:

For a relevant reference, visit the "small but nice" homepage about the airborne documentation on the website: