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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality App development

VR application for exhibitions
VR application for exhibitions

For some years now we have been intensively dealing with immersive virtual worlds for museum projects around our special field “cultural assets in 3D”!

We use the latest game engines and VR headsets to bring historic scenes and archaeological excavations, findings and finds and their reconstruction to life.

Fortresses, castles and their architectural history can be experienced in real-time worlds that are true to detail. Museum exhibition concepts can be planned and implemented virtually. Classic exhibition rooms are supplemented with virtual content, games or tours.

ArcTron is your one-stop service provider for the complete implementation of VR projects, from the documenation and visualization to the reconstruction and adaptation for real-time platforms. We specialize in archaeological and historical topics.

We also realize VR projects on modern and industrial topics. VR content, animations and films are created according to scripts and storyboards drafted by us and approved by you. The interactive control as well as the APP development are programmed by our team of experts. Finally, we deliver and install the entire hardware and software upon request. Thus you receive your VR project from the draft to the finished installation from one hand.

VR for museums and exhibitions

You will experience worlds long past, now reconstructed in detail and “resurrected” again. Through the manifold possibilities of interaction (e.g. view-based or with gestures/controllers) the visitor is directly integrated into the events in a playful way. 3D sound and, if necessary, speaker information condense the spatial and content experience!

Virtual Reality for museum exhibitions - experience history up close in 3D

In order not to lose your balance at high altitudes, it is better to sit down. Our concepts include suitable hardware solutions such as visitor swivel chairs and VR headsets suspended from the ceiling.

Put on the VR glasses and travel with “body and mind” into other dimensions. Which spectacular sites would you like to make accessible?

We advise you, develop suitable concepts together with you and implement your projects professionally!

Project examples

Request your free presentation date with us. We deliver the corresponding ideas for your project and suggest an effective implementation.