Outdoor print - design and 3D visualisation
...on the basis of UL- and UAV photogrammetry data

Castle ruins Liebenstein – 3D visualisation/print

On behalf and in close cooperation with the “Bürgerverein Liebenstein” (Karl Zintl) and the Bavarian State Office for Monument Preservation in Regensburg (Dr. Silvia Codreanu), ArcTron 3D carried out a fundamental 3D reconstruction proposal for the castle ruins of Liebenstein. The remaining ruin structures, located in market town of Plößberg (Upper Palatinate), have been extensively investigated and restored for more than 10 years.

3D visualisation and reconstruktion

Our task was to develop various 3D visualizations of the castle on the basis of the latest excavation results and the only preserved historical drawing from 1618.

The 3D reconstructions, phase plans and photos developed here are shown on site on several “outdoor” boards together with corresponding text information in German and Czech language.

Innenraumrekonstruktion der Burg Liebenstein im 17. Jh
Reconstruction of the castle around 1618
Reconstruction of the castle around 1618

Our 3D reconstruction was also based on a 3D airborne survey of the castle ruins carried out with our ultra-light paraglider trike and a powerful photogrammetric drone.
The small, indeed worth seeing castle ruin, enthroned on granite rocks, lovingly and lavishly restored with its wonderful view, is always worth a short excursion.

Our initial task was the production of individual 3D views as well as the conception and production of the outdoor boards at the castle. We additionally processed this extensive 3D data set in-house in order to present the short 3D animation of this exciting project shown above and the 3D reconstruction proposal of the state of Liebenstein Castle in the 17th century.

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