Media station for visitor information
Beamer projection with interactive topic selection via touch display

Media station Altmühltal Nature Park

Multimedia overview of the attractions in the Altmühltal Nature Park

The Altmühl Valley in the heart of Bavaria looks back on a long history. Over the course of many millions of years, dinosaurs have come and gone, the Danube has changed its course and various population groups, such as the Romans, have settled here.
Today, the almost 3,000 square metre area forms the Altmühltal Nature Park. The park offers visitors kilometres of trails for hiking, cycling and boating. The numerous museums, castle ruins and churches will delight culture lovers of all ages. And in one of the five fossil quarries, children in particular can go on a treasure hunt for fossilised fish, plants and insects.
The information centres in Treuchtlingen and Eichstätt offer a good starting point for all the activities and sights.

We had the honour of designing a multimedia information station for the latter. This consists of a 3D-printed landscape model, a beamer projection, a large wall screen and a touch monitor. At this station, visitors can find out about a wide range of topics relating to nature, leisure and culture and plan their own excursions based on this information.

© Altmühltal Nature Park Information Centre

The 3D landscape model

On a size of 150 cm x 84 cm, the landscape model provides a good understanding of the Altmühltal terrain between Regensburg in the east, Ingolstadt in the south, Nördlingen in the west and Neumarkt i.d.Opf. in the north. In order to visualise the height information even better, the terrain is shown with a threefold superelevation.
The relief model was produced by our partner, FIT-AG, using the stereolithography process in order to achieve the highest possible level of detail and robustness in the physical model.
Embedded in an individually designed and manufactured base, the model blends in very well with the exhibition.

© Altmühltal Nature Park Information Centre

The beamer projection

The monochrome white landscape model forms a good basis for overlaying additional visual content. The use of a projector is very suitable for this purpose. This projector, which is specially designed for museum use, hangs on the wall above the model and projects the different protected areas in the nature park, the course of hiking trails or the locations of museums, for example, depending on the selected theme.

© Altmühltal Nature Park Information Centre

The touch display

The themes are selected via a touch display, which is attached to an adjacent, also individually designed stele. Here you can choose between the three main categories ‘Nature & Geology’, ‘Leisure & Recreation’ and ‘Culture & History’. Each category contains up to eight different topics, including rough pastures, nature park projects, hiking, cycling, historic towns and museums. When a topic is selected, a short info text appears on the screen and in some cases a QR code leads to further information on the nature park’s homepage. While the projector projects the appropriate map-based content, impressions of the current topic are shown on the large wall screen in the form of images or videos.

© Altmühltal Nature Park Information Centre