Media days Munich – with XR Hub Bavaria

Presentation of AR applications from archaeology

When: We. 25. – Fr. 27. Oct. 2023
Where: House of Communication, FRIEDENSTRASSE 24, 81671 Munich, Germany

Via VR technology, in a Virtual Reality Experiences room of the XR Hub Bavaria, we will present two different VR application examples for museums.

Developed for the exhibition “Archaeology in Baden” at the Landesmuseum Karlsruhe, you can immerse yourself in meticulously reconstructed worlds and experience stories about the activities in a Neolithic longhouse, about the production steps in a Bronze Age metal workshop and about an Alemannic warrior who was ambushed followed by his later burial.

At the augmented reality (AR) station developed for the exhibition “4000 Years Hidden – The Treasure of Langquaid” in the Museum “Experience History” in the Kastnerhof, you can virtually explore original Early Bronze Age finds, including bronze axes, needles and lance points. All objects were measured photogrammetrically and with structured light scanners in very high sub-mm resolution by ArcTron’s engineering team.

On site: Martin Schaich, CEO of the ArcTron 3D – Surveying Technology & Software Development Company