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AR Fortress Regenstein

Fortress Regenstein - virtual experience with AR app

In this video, we take you to the fortress with a view inside the app.

During today’s visit to the high rock castle ruins with its numerous cavities on the site, there is little to see of the former splendor of the Prussian fortress on the Regenstein near Blankenburg in the Harz Mountains. But if you have your smartphone or tablet with you, scanning the QR codes on the station panels and information pillars will reveal the former splendor and extent of construction on the rocky plateau during the period about 300 years ago.

Regenstein App
A glance a the app content with historic buildings
Press review - Time travel: app reconstructs old fortress Regenstein
Press review - time travel: app reconstructs of old fortress Regenstein

Link historic buildings virtually to the places of today

In the app developed by the ArcTron 3D company, 17 of the former historic buildings are virtually inserted into the landscape of today – linked with additional information. The specialist team from Regensburg had the tasks of programming an app and reconstructing the buildings in the exterior view and placing them true to original in today’s terrain. In this way, the historical fortress buildings can appear virtually to the visitor in their original position on the smart phone or tablet screen in augmented reality (AR – Augmented Reality). Further more we generated the corresponding website that includes also content from the app.

To implement the visualization in 3D, the terrain first had to be digitally recorded with high precision. For this purpose, ArcTron3D’s engineers combined laser scan data with aerial photogrammetry from the company’s own paraglider trike and professional aerial drones.

Contents of the project website
Visit the starting page for a good overview
Excerpt from the project website
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In close collaboration and based on the drawings of Jörg Reimann, a Blankenburg fortress specialist, ArcTron’s 3D designers created digitally reconstructed 3D models of the buildings in order to subsequently place them in the 3D landscape model with precise positioning. Using the latest in-house software developments, visitors are presented with a robust and innovative AR-APP experience. The virtual content allows guests interested in history to have an enhanced historical experience visiting the fortress through augmented reality.

Digital building construction placed in the terrain data
Digital building construction placed in the terrain data

Visit the project page (in German language) with many details and valuable content such as 3D models, reconstructions, before/after images and much more:

The APP can be downloaded and used free of charge from the APP Store and Google Play Store.

AR App Festung Regenstein