Model Building – Notes

Use the contact sheet below to receive a non-binding free quote.

3D Printing in Plaster

  • Please note that our printing material is a special kind of plaster, which is later on saturated and consolidated via infiltration with special adhesives.
  • The model can be printed in colour and with textures.
  • Each single layer is 0.1 mm thick.
  • Each built cm³ material costs from app. 0.95 € for monochrome models up to app.  1.45 € for coloured models plus processing fees.
  • A single model part can have a maximum size of 381 x 254 x 203 mm (L x W x D). This corresponds to the printing capacity of the 3D printer. Of course, we can also generate larger models which can be assembled from several single models.
  • Your data is safe with us. We guarantee to handle your data confidentially and will completely delete all files after production.

3D-Printing in plastic and sand

  • Plastic print, single-coloured, available in various sizes and resolutions.
  • Sand print medium granular, double hardened, primed and manually coloured.


  • We can mill your model in any desired material.
  • Suitable objects can be of medium or even extra large size (possible from app. 1m length). 

Your Model in 5 steps:

1. Fill in and submit the internet form.

Based on this information, we can make a rough calculation of the costs for you.

2. We will contact you to discuss the next steps.

We need additional, specific information about your mode in order to create an exact and binding calculation. Therefore we will contact you personally.

3. Your data is checked and processed.

Experienced engineers review your model data and give you feedback. After the ordering process, your model goes into production.

4. Production of your model.

Depending on the recommended or suitable type of production, your model will be:

  • printed by a 3D printer, maybe molded and casted
  • printed by a high resolutuion printer (for very fine structures like fine art)
  • milled by a CNC mill

In post production the model can be further painted or patinated to achieve a true to the original result.

5. Delivery/Pick-up service

You can either pick up your model at our company headquarters or have it delivered to you via parcel service.