3D-Scan and Augmented Reality App
From 3D digitisation to the exhibition app

Media Station: “The Treasure of Langquaid”

From 3D scan to digital treasure presentation

History: In 1907, the Langquaid master baker Beck found a complex of 33 bronze objects north of the village. One year later, the hoard find was handed over to the present-day Archaeological State Collection “Archäologische Staatssammlung” in Munich, where it is still kept today. Between 2019 and 2021, the treasure, as the find complex is also fondly called, was exhibited in Langquaid for the first time after more than 100 years and made accessible to the interested public. In the meantime, however, the find is back in Munich.

In order to present the find, its history and its significance appropriately in the museum, we set up an innovative media station with exciting and historic 2D and 3D content. It includes a multi-touch screen, an Augmented Reality (AR) app and a video film. Visitors can obtain additional information via an accompanying website.

The media station designed and developed by ArcTron 3D was realised in close coordination with the designer of the museum exhibition (Cultheca, Prof. Waldherr) and with the market town of Langquaid (here we would like to make special mention of Mayor Blascheck, Ms Kempny-Graf, Project Manager Socially Integrative City, and the Langquaid building yard headed by H. Roithmeier).
We would like to thank the “Archäologische Staatssammlung München” (Prof. Gebhard and Dr. Schwarzberg) for the opportunity to scan the original finds in high resolution in our laboratory.
We would also like to express our special solidarity to all those involved for their great cooperation!

On the way to the media station, visitors are greeted by a life-size reconstruction of a Bronze Age warrior. The virtual reconstruction is impressively staged in a light box on the way through the exhibition.

The “Early Bronze Age warrior”, who carries the axe, the lance and the rings of the “treasure” on his right arm, as is typical for the time, was reconstructed by our 3D reconstruction specialists in professional consultation with the Kelheim District Archaeology (Dr. Zuber).

On the 55″ touch screen, the focus is on an attractive arrangement of the found objects, surrounded by six interesting questions. A click on the respective question displays the corresponding background information. For example, you learn that the find was discovered while planting hop stalks. Without Bavarian beer consumption, this find might never have come to light, or only much later.

Interaktives Erleben des archäologischen Schatzfundes von Langquaid
The touchscreen application

The find itself can be explored in the AR app on the museum’s own tablet or smartphone. Selected objects of the find were photogrammetrically and with structural light scanners documented in very high sub-mm resolution in 3D in ArcTron’s 3D lab. From the high-resolution 3D models, a suitable version for the AR app was created for each object.

Museums-App Anwendungsanleitung für Besucher

When the app is started, six selected found objects appear in augmented reality above the touch screen. If an object is clicked on the tablet or smartphone, it floats above the rest of the models, greatly enlarged. Now you can view the found object from all sides, switch between its current appearance and the reconstruction of its original state, or have the original dimensions displayed. You can get as close to the objects as would never be possible in a showcase and in this way admire details – such as the point and incised decorations of the lance tip.

From the famous original find to the interactive museum application

Original Schatzfund des Beils während der 3D-Dokumentation
During the 3D digitisation of one of the original finds

Digital reconstructions from archaeology

Not only the users of the AR app, but all those present in the exhibition room can see the information about the individual finds – these are presented in parallel on a second screen on the wall. The same six selected finds in the app are portrayed in a short video. Each of these objects is shown in its reconstructed and in its present patinated state.

Preview der Museums-App

Via the accompanying landing page https://langquaid.arctron.de/, all found objects as well as detailed background information can also be accessed on mobile devices or from home. This way, either a foretaste of the interactive application can be created or one can deal with the topic more intensively after the visit. However, the immersive experience can only be experienced on site!

Langquaid Hintergrundgrafik
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