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Heritage XR - Social Mixed Reality for Cross-Location Heritage Tourism

Regenstein XR

Social mixed reality for cultural tourism

As part of the research project “Heritage XR – Social Mixed Reality for Cross-Location Heritage Tourism”, we worked with the developers at Consensive GmbH to add new social interaction options to the RegensteinAR app in 2023.

Cross-Location Heritage Tourism; Regenstein XR (English)

The aim of the research project was to create a mixed reality experience that allows visitors on site and users of the purely virtual application to see and hear each other. This allows family members, friends or group participants to take part in the fortress visit together from a distance and communicate with the visitors on site. It is just as possible for only app users on site or only users from home to interact with each other.

To this end, the existing reconstructed landscape model of Regenstein Fortress was first prepared in such a way that it functions as a “digital twin” in virtual reality, but also on many other platforms such as tablets or desktops. While it is still only possible to marvel at the reconstructions as virtual overlays in the AR app on site at the Regenstein, the digital twin makes it possible to explore the completely reconstructed fortress model theoretically from anywhere in the world.

The shared communication makes it possible for everyone to know which station the other participants are currently at, what they are looking at there and they can therefore talk about the same content.

The modular structure of the completely virtual and augmented reality application and its independence from the content shown, in this case the reconstructed buildings at Regenstein Fortress, make it easy to transfer the content.

Abridged version for existing web reference from 2021

Regenstein XR research project

Together with our project partner Consensive, we added new social interaction options to the AR app as part of a research project in 2023.
These allow app users at Regenstein Fortress to see and talk to each other in the app, regardless of how far apart they actually are physically.
With the accompanying purely virtual application, the fortress site can also be explored from home, whether on a desktop, tablet or even in virtual reality.
The special thing about it? This application is also linked to the social interactions in the AR app, enabling communication across locations and devices. This allows visitors to Regenstein Fortress and users at home to talk together about what they see and hear.

ArcTron 3D GmbH Services; Example Fortress Regenstein (English)