incl. historical reconstructions based on measured data

Kepler Museum 3D Survey, Reconstruction, Films


Tip: Take a look at the video trailer “Making Of Keplerhaus” [German audio only] and witness what’s made possible by the combination and fusion of the 3D data from different measurement systems in a real-time platform.

With its new 2020 Bavarian State Exhibition, “Urban Freedom: Wittelsbach Foundation Towns”, the Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte presents the development of the state of Bayern from a “cityless” country into a territory with a distinctive settlement pattern and a variety of areas with differing legal statuses.

Part of the exhibition focuses on the theme “Hellish Allies and Heavenly Squares: how our cities grew upward”, including the last residence, located in Regensburg, of the astronomer Johannes Kepler.

Keplerhaus in Regensburg – Laser scan of the building’s façade
Keplerhaus in Regensburg – Laser scan of the building’s façade

The Keplerhaus, today a museum and memorial to Kepler, is unusually lucky. Its interior retains the appearance of an urban merchant’s house from the late Middle Ages/early modern period and is now accessible to visitors of the state exhibition as an interactive journey through time based on our scans and cinematic virtual modelling.

Reconstruction of the interior with simulated lighting
Reconstruction of the interior with simulated lighting

Within the scope of this project, ArcTron provided the following services:

  • 3D laser scan and 3D photogrammetry with data fusion

  • Live-action film footage

  • 3D reconstruction of the Keplerhaus as it would have appeared during the Renaissance

  • Development, creation, and production of several interactive films

Scanning data - 3D model

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To find out more about the 2020 Bavarian state exhibition “Urban Freedom: Wittelsbach Foundation Towns”, visit the >>MEDIA LIBRARY OF THE HOUSE OF BAVARIAN HISTORY…