Wellheim Castle

The ruin of the rock castle Wellheim in the district of Eichstaett is dominated by a wild rugged Jura rock formation in the prehistoric Danube river valley.
Situated in a spectacular location above the market town Wellheim not only the donjon of the upper castle is preserved. Also parts of the outer walls of the main castle and wall remnants of associated buildings still exist.

Within the scope of the 3D documentation project, in early summer 2017, ArcTron 3D was able to generate a highly detailed 3D model as well as high-resolution orthophotos, CAD maps and other digital planning data for the upcoming refurbishment.

In order to gain high quality data the ArcTron team uses a long-established 3D acquisition and processing concept of 3D data fusion from latest technology like drone-based photogrammetry and combined terrestrial 3D laser scanning.
The highly accurate result allows the user to derivate all other required data like CAD maps with floor plans and sections but also true to size high-resolution orthophotos or unwound wall sections.
In addition to these as-completed drawings, the 3D data is additionally used for the planning of necessary rock safety measures.