3D Documentation of the Abbey Church in Reichenbach

Project content:

  • Orthophoto views of the exterior facade incl. the church towers on a scale of 1:50
    CAD maps of the church’s interior
  • “By-product”: geo-referenced 3D-Modell of the abbey church

The aim of the project was to produce high resolution orthophoto views in colour and fusing data from 3D laserscanning, total station survey as well as SFM photogrammetry. The high-resolution digital photos for modelling and texturierung of the 3D model were taken from the ground with a Nikon D800 (36 MP) as well as from a camera drone (UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle).

All facades of the abbey are documented in high resolution including some long-stretched facade sections and a total of eight facade segments of both church towers. All orthophoto views were generated in a scale of 1:50 in order to reach the required working scale for the planning of the facade’s renovation.

Inside of the abbey a complete CAD documentation was carried out with a 3D laser scanner. Because of fall-threatened stucco elements a safety net is stretched out across the nave. To generate reliable surveying results only the use of 3D laserscanning technology was suitable to penetrate the fine-mesh.