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The WWII Atlantikwall is a series of fortifications that stretched from Norway along the Danish, Belgian and French coasts to the French-Spanish border. The section shown here is located on the northern west coast of Denmark at the village of Løkken, and was developed into a base group during the German occupation in World War II around 1941, consisting of infantry positions and a coastal battery.

Drohnenaufnahme Lökken Furreby Küstenbatterie
Drone shot Lökken Furreby coastal battery

Visitors to the Danish North Sea coast for the first time may initially be somewhat irritated by the sight of the numerous concrete blocks on the beach. The break-off edge of the cliff is steadily giving way inland due to the advancing sea, exposing the bunkers originally hidden in the sand dunes. These land on the beach – several of the bunkers have now reached the sea and are washed around by the waves of the North Sea. In the not too distant future, these reinforced monsters of concrete will have disappeared into the sea.

Currently, however, they are used by graffiti artists and climbed and photographed by tourists. But one should not forget that these are relics from the Second World War. A time that brought death, misery and destruction over all of Europe. As the owner of this website, ArcTron 3D distances itself from the historical past of the bunkers and instead wants to draw attention to this dark part of Europe’s history in a digital and interactive way.

"Between reality and the digital 3D model lies a combined workflow with professional tools"

The workflow as well as the result of the 3D documentation including video and 360 degree panorama is presented on a seperate project page.

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Learn more about this project and visit the in depth project page at Home – Furreby Küstenbatterie ( There you will find information about the historical background, 3D models and more.