From 3D digitizing all the way to coloring the 3D prints

Fighting knights on the Heldburg

Between spring and fall 2022, we were commissioned to implement a special project on behalf of and in cooperation with the German Castle Museum at Veste Heldburg in southern Thuringia.

One of the highlights in the German Castle Museum on the Heldburg are the “Knights Fighting”. However, since the previous “fighter group” in original armor is being returned to the loaning museums, a similar replica was to be created.

Heldburg Kaempfende-Ritter
Heldburg Kaempfende Ritter
Heldburg Kaempfende Ritter Scan

From the 3D surveying of an original plate armor of knights from the 16th century, the processing of the digital 3D models, the 1:1 3D printing and finally to the manually coloring by our artist team – the project included many phases with cross-departmental workflows.

The steps from digitization to installation of the replicas are presented on a separate project page found here…

Heldburg Modell 3d-Druck
Back in 2010, ArcTron created an architectural model of the Heldburg that is well worth seeing for the exhibition "Myth of the Castle" at the German National Museum in Nuremberg. The battle scene of the knight replicas can be seen today in the permanent exhibition at the Heldburg.

Take a look behind the scenes and visit the project page for more detailed information about the production steps to create the replicas of a battle scene of two suits of armor.