Aerial photogrammetry

Airborne 3D documentation: Kleinhadersdorf


“Making of” video of the project with recordings of flying over the excavation

From 2 – 4 September, ArcTron 3D GmbH was able to work with 3D surveying specialists Martin Schaich M.A. and Tuna Çapar M.Sc. on the airborne 3D documentation of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Neubauer’s (LBI Arch Pro) training excavation in Kleinhadersdorf. There, an Old Neolithic Linear Band Ware Longhaus was excavated and documented.

See here the contribution to the research excavation in 3Sat “NANO”:

The appointment was intended to be used, amongst other things, within the LBI Arch Pro partner network to present ArcTron’s ultra-light paraglider trike for relevant research tasks in a practical application.

This extremely flexible, slow and low-flying aircraft can be used to carry out both high-resolution airborne laser scanning and photogrammetry tasks for medium to small-scale archaeological research projects.

A company-owned photogrammetry drone was also used for the airborne 3D documentation of the excavation. The resulting data was processed in the form of a video animation for a short TV report in the 3-sat programme “nano”. The 3D model of a real replica of a ribbon-ceramic house from the nearby open-air museum in Asparn/Zaya could also be integrated into this.

Within the scope of the project, further short photogrammetric flights were carried out, during which the scenic surroundings and two nearby prominent castles (Staatz and Falkenstein) in the Weinviertel 3D were also documented.