3D interior reconstruction
3D reconstruction from laserscan data

Cinematografic 3D simulation

Cinematographic 3D simulation for the exhibition of the world's largest treasure of gold leather wallpaper

The baroque castle of Moritzburg houses the world’s largest collection of baroque golden leather wallpapers today. This treasure is honoured in the new special exhibition “Tapetenwechsel” castle’s museum.

The castle belongs to the “Staatliche Schlösser, Burgen und Gärten Sachsen gGmbH”. Its scientific staff approached the ArcTron 3D office in Meißen with the question of whether a computer graphic reconstruction could simulate the former splendour and true magnificence of fresh leather wallpapers.
In fact ArcTron 3D specializes in highly realistic digital simulations of a wide variety of scenarios. Therefore the task was successfully implemented in close cooperation with the museum’s experts.

Visitors can view the film in a specially designated room in the castle, right next to original fragments of the leather wallpaper. The 360° pan through the reconstructed room shows not only the fascinating former splendour of freshly installed leather wallpapers. It also presents a harmonious room scene with natural light incidence and the play of light on the surfaces. The hand-painted skirting boards were reconstructed as well and round off the overall impression.

The complete 3D data set generated by ArcTron 3D using laser scanning and photogrammetry already represents a high-quality basis for reconstruction.

For the realisation of the project, the surveying engineers of the ArcTron 3D company documented the desired space of the beautiful baroque Moritzburg Castle using 3D laser scanning and photogrammetric methods. The high-resolution data of the combined sensors were merged in such a way that a complete 3D data set was created as a basis for digital reconstruction.

Hochrealistische Raumsimulation

Carrying out the subsequent complex 3D room reconstruction in a real-time environment could already be realized on the geometric level with a very high degree of detail. Together with new display techniques such as “PBR” (Physical Based Rendering), a highly realistic room simulation was finally achieved. “Physical Based Rendering” ensures that an environment does not reflect more light than it can absorb. This means that real-time environments today already achieve a level of performance that was previously reserved for classic rendering, i.e. the calculation of individual images for scene animation.

At ArcTron 3D, we are convinced that such computer graphic reconstructions in real-time environments will not only matter greatly for scientists and experts but will also play an important role in the didactic communication of content in general.
Our work on VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) applications in a wide variety of application areas bring far-reaching opportunities to many application areas. Even building research and the realistic museum simulation of past conditions can profit from such developments.

Golden leather Moritzburg, 3D reconstruction and simulation
Golden leather Moritzburg, 3D reconstruction and simulation

We are delighted to have been able to carry out this interesting pilot project and wish all visitors lots of fun at the exhibition “Tapetenwechsel” in the baroque Moritzburg Castle.