3D Film Celts, Maps & Computers

Making the invisible visible. Tracking down hidden traces of prehistoric times without using a spade. Preserving excavation results and finds true to nature. Preserving history for the future in three dimensions – this and much more was the theme of the special exhibition in 2010, which was conceived by the Celtic Museum Hochdorf/Enz and the State Office for Monument Conservation Baden-Württemberg. The very successful “travelling” exhibition has since been shown in numerous museums in Germany and Austria and is continuously touring through the country.

In addition to stereo 3D visualizations of the back then newly excavated famous Heuneburg Celtic Gate (presented in a 3D “Guckino”), numerous “Celtic” 3D projects could be presented in the 20-minute 3D computer film “Celts, Maps and Computers”, conceived and realized entirely by ArcTron 3D. In the exhibition, the film was also shown on 3D monitors. In this production, airborne, mobile, terrestrial and high-resolution 3D scanning technologies are presented in various archaeological projects. All the projects shown were realised between 2004 and 2010 by ArcTron 3D GmbH on behalf of and in cooperation with the archaeological institutions mentioned in the film.

Since ArcTron 3D is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2018, we would like to retrieve the content of this “current” project – despite the rapid digital progress – from the archive and make the film publicly available here on our homepage in German and English versions, in 2D and stereo 3D (for 3D-glasses).

Watch the film in 3D

Do you have a device with 3D playback function? Take a look at “Celts, Maps & Computers” in 3D! Simply display the following video in full screen mode and activate 3D (Over-Under) on your device.