3D Documentation Walhalla

Video – Bronze model of the Walhalla memorial site

Walhalla - The temple of fame

Walhalla is only about 5 km from our home: one of the most important monumental “commemorative buildings” of Classicism. This “temple of fame”, constructed in commission of king Ludwig I. of Bavaria 1830-1842, is still a great attraction site today. With the Parthenon in Athens as a model, it is built in a doric peripteral style. The magnificent interior commemorates important persons with 130 busts and 65 memorial tablets.

In 2010, our task was to realise a true-to-deformations 3D survey of the Walhalla. For all necessary work, we drew all required pricise blueprints, views, orthophotos, floor plans and cross sections from this data.

For the first time, we worked with the new terrestrial 3D scanner Riegl VZ-400, which delivers an accuracy in the lower millimetre-range and allows a very quick and effective documentation. The complex interior including the roof structure was recorded in only five days (239 single scans / 800 photos), The whole outdoor area of the temple took 12 days (270 single scans / 890 photos). The several months-long data evaluation was time-consuming and complex. The final result was a complete state-of-the-art 3D model with a comprehensive CAD-map and blueprint set.

In the continuation of the project through 2014, the sprawling, adit-like substructure which encloses the entire building underground was surveyed in 3D. This data supplemented and expanded the already existing plans.

The detailed mapping was developed and carried out in close cooperation with the State Construction Authority Regensburg.

In addition the 3D model of the Walhalla monument was integrated into the information system aspect 3D – a 3D software and database designed specifically for monument preservation.

Bronze model with Braille

In a following project ArcTron 3D produced a bronze model with Braille for outdoor use. In a first step the 3D data was used to produce a positive model with rapid prototyping technology. After taking a mold of the model the resulting negative was cast in bronze. In a solemn ceremony the bronze model was placed next to the monument in Donaustauf. It can be visited on the hillside overlooking the beautiful Danube countryside.

Project pictures and different views

Views and point clouds

3D model


Arctron Walhalla plan