A visit behind the scenes

An exclusive visit

Hidden far off in the middle of a small village called Altenthann is a high-tech company which is documenting cultural heritage around the world.

Behind the facade of a simple company building hides a special quality- extensive know-how in 3D. The state parliament candidates of the “Freie Wähler” party, Mr. Tobias Gotthardt and Hans-Peter Landsmann, together with Mayor Harald Herrmann and his deputy Anita Sauerer, wanted to learn about this secret.

They were simply thrilled. The interdisciplinary team of 3D experts presented how high-precision 3D laser scan data from culture and industry are generated and processed. In addition to standard products such as CAD plans and 3D measurement images, so-called orthophotos, ArcTron uses the digital 3D models of landscapes, buildings and objects in a variety of ways.

The data is further processed to create exhibition models, high-quality replicas, digital reconstructions, documentary film productions and 3D applications with the latest technologies (virtual and augmented reality). The basis for this is almost always the 3D data obtained by the engineering office with 3D laser scanners, camera drone (UAV), photogrammetric images of the ground or from the company’s own ultralight motorized paraglider trike.

Tobias Gotthardt in der VR
Photo: Tobias Gotthardt (left) experiences historical architecture in the virtual world. Next to him company director Martin Schaich, Anita Sauerer, Hans-Peter Landsmann and Mayor Harald Herrmann.