Häerdcheslee Funerary Monument

The famous rock Haerdcheslee is located in Luxembourg, near the small village Altlinster. This sandstone rock with a height of 6m and a diameter of about 10m has been interpreted as a Gallo-Roman grave monument. A relief of two figures, each one more than 2m tall, is carved into the rock’s south side. At the highest point of the rock a rectangular deepening is chiseled into the stone. On its north and eastern side, the stone displays many engraved symbols, such as hearts and many other written love oaths. Häerdcheslee (Wikipedia)

Laserscanning Felsmonument

In June 2016, ArcTron3D was commissioned by the Centre National de Recherche Archéologique (Bertrange) to digitize this rock. The team combined a variety of technologies to achieve a high resolution 3D model. The archaeologically relevant relief was documented with more than 200 macro photographs in extremely high resolution. The camera had been attached to a tripod to reach a height of about 5m. A grid platform on ground ensured an evenly and sufficient overlap of all photographs.

The pictures were processed into a point cloud of more than 131 Million points, which equals a mean distance of 0,254 mm.The rest of the rock was digitized using the Riegl VZ-400 Laserscanner. Both point clouds from laserscanning and photogrammetry were merged using ArcTron’s photogrammetry software aspect 3D to consolidate the relief with the rock.
The final result is a digital, photorealistic and high resolution 3D model.