Rectify for ArchaeoCAD

Developed as an ArchaeoCAD module, with Rectify you can correct digital photos directly in your CAD environment (projective transformation).

Rectify is a module for ArchaeoCAD! Upgrade your current ArchaeoCAD license and use this cost-effective but efficient tool!

From photo to image plan – Rectify combines the most important functions you know from extensive and expensive image correction programs. No bells and whistles but what archaeologists and excavation technicians need to create image plans.

Quickly and conveniently create image plans from one or more images, which you can then further process with comprehensive CAD tools in ArchaeoCAD.

In just a few steps go from digital photos to an archaeological map

Examples of wall mapping

Examples of the documentation of loom weights


Rectify Module

  • Requires a current version of ArchaeoCAD

Rectify Module

  • Free of charge for universities and educational institutions
  • Requires a current version of ArchaeoCAD

Rectify Module

  • Update each year to the latest ArchaeoCAD version
  • Only possible for standard licenses