Ludwig Bolzmann Institute – Full Partner

Full Partner within the scientific network LBI

As of 01.01.2020 ArcTron 3D GmbH is a “full partner” in the scientific network of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute – Archaeological Prospection and Virtual Archaeology (LBI Arch Pro) in Vienna.

The LBI Arch Pro is a research institute of the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft, which is headed by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Neubauer dedicated to the development of new techniques and methodological concepts for landscape archeology. The research program combines geophysics, aerial photography, computer science and geomatics to develop efficient approaches for non-destructive detection, documentation, visualization, analysis and interpretation of archaeological landscapes.
The ArcTron Group has been a specialist in the development of 3D process chains in archeology and monument preservation for more than 25 years in similar project tasks and research areas. Especially in the areas of airborne and terrestrial 3D documentation with LiDAR and photogrammetry, but also in subject-specific software development, there are many different intersections.

The partners hope for the future scientific cooperation an intensified cooperation in projects and software developments as well as mutual gains in case studies and other archaeological research content.