denkmal Trade Fair Leipzig

denkmal - The Leading European Trade Fair for Monument Preservation, Restoration and Old Building Renovation

In its anniversary exhibition, the company shows how extensive and versatile 3D data from cultural heritage documentation can be used. From technical aspects of data acquisition, to photorealistic 3D modelling, to subject-specific content analysis for archaeologists or restorers, to presentation options for exhibitors and museums.

At this year’s denkmal/MUTEC, ArcTron 3D’s theme will be “Together: Technician/Scientist/Designer”! – which refers to the close interaction of high-quality documentation in 3D, how scientists or restorers work with it and how 3D designers creatively integrate and design this data. The exhibition at ArcTron 3D GmbH’s booth will show which work processes deliver the best and most exciting results.

The globally renowned company RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems will also be presenting the latest developments of Riegl high-performance laser scanners for use in archaeology and monument conservation at its booth!

Termin Denkmal 2018