Internships in Archaeology

The company ArcTron – Excavations & Computer Documentation GmbH has been successfully active as an archaeological specialist company in Bavaria and neighbouring federal states since 1993.

Are you interested in archaeology and would like to do an internship in this field (possibly for your studies)? Contact us!

We offer internships in archaeology all year round. You will gain experience in field work at exciting, current archaeological investigations and/or in office work on the documentation of findings and finds.

What you can expect

  • Working experience in current archaeological excavations, mainly in Bavaria within a radius of approx. 250 km around Regensburg. You will work in an interesting and complex working environment.
  • Participation in ongoing documentation of excavations using modern technologies ( tacheometric surveying, photogrammetry, CAD design, databases, hand drawings).
  • Insights into the management of findings and finds.
  • Physical activity during archaeological excavations, e.g. shovelling, uncovering finds, cleaning shards, etc.
  • Insights into various software programs (AutoCAD, ArchaeoCAD and ArchaeoDATA).

You will be supervised by a scientific expert.

What we expect

  • ongoing archaeology studies
  • excavation experience and a joy and interest in practical excavation work
  • able to work in a team, are committed and flexible in terms of time and location.
  • a class 3 driver’s license
  • knowledge of CAD applications is an advantage
  • previous knowledge of surveying technology is also an advantage

What you should bring

  • physical fitness
  • flexibility
  • dedication
  • reliability

When: from now on
Duration: at least 2 months
Internship flat rate: 500€ monthly

Due to the long training period for archaeological tasks and work flows, we only offer archaeological internships of 1-2 months and longer. Interns are paid on a monthly basis.

Please send your written application (by post or email) to:

Dr. Alexander Niederfeilner
Department Head
ArcTron GmbH
Ringstraße 8
93177 Altenthann, Germany