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3D Laser Scanner by Riegl Laser Measurement Systems

As official distribution partner for Riegl-Laser-Measurment-Systems in archaeology and cultural heritage in Germany, we offer you a wide range of 3D laser scanners for various kinds of applications.

Riegl Laserscanner VZ 400
Riegl Laserscanner VZ 400

As a longterm user of 3D laser scanners, we have been realizing many projects in architecture, archaeology, cultural heritage and topography since 2001. Because of that, we can absolutely recommend Riegl products.

The advantages of the new V-Line series summarized:

  • very high range, up to 600 m (VZ 400) or 1400 m (VZ 1000)
  • very high measurement rate (up to 122.000 points per second)
  • high accuracy
  • online-waveform-analysis and extensive filter options
  • combined high resolution camera
  • extensive control possibilities - also without a notebook
  • integrated operable displaya and internal memory 
  • software package RiSCANPro for scanner control and data processing

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