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BricsCAD - the CAD Program

BricsCAD® is a CAD software program for an extremely reasonable price.  The PRO version, which you can purchase from us, offers you the possibility to also work with ArchaeoCAD using BricsCAD®.

With BricsCAD® you can work with the functions you are used to from other market known CAD programs. Not only the user interface is very similar ( DWG - DXF). The high compatibility allows you to use the same files.

BricsCAD® works directely in the .dwg format. To exchange data with other systems you need the additional module Communicator® from BricCAD® in order to import or return formats like IGES or CNC.

Here are some advantages using BricsCAD®:

  • CAD software for the 1/5 of the price
  • full 2D/3D .dwg base
  • no compulsory subscription
  • premium support

BricsCAD® is used as a basis for ArchaeoCAD. ArchaeoCAD is annually updated for the latest BricsCAD® version.

Versed employees will gladly consult you and present you with individually suited product combinations. Ask us!

Your contact person:

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