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Surveying underground mining and open-cast mining with multi copter and 3D laser scanner in a fast, precise, yet cost-effective manner

Camera Copter UAV
From the image series for 3D Punktwole with aSPECT3D
Image positions of the pit from the UAV data
3D mine model with contour lines

Photography & 3D photogrammetry

3D serveying data from serial image calculations and/or laser scanning - we cover the following areas:

  • Underground mining & open-cast mining
  • Stone pits
  • Sand and gravel pits
  • Stockpiles, dumps & landfills

The surveying data is the basis of our extensive evaluation offer:

  • 3D site measuring (using UAV - unmanned aircraft, laser scanners, GPS, total station)
  • Pit image tracking
  • As-built plans
  • Static calculations
  • stockpile survey
  • mass determination
  • volume calculation
  • Inventory measurements
  • Geological deposit modeling
  • current orthophotos with high ground resolution
  • Data processing for 3D prints
  • Frequent supplementary surveys
  • Creating and digitizing mine plans
  • Creating floor plans, sections and views
  • Planning documents such as for extraction planning

We are quickly on site, carry out the survey task in a small team with a high-tech 3D scanners and surveying equipment (GPS, total station) or fly your to be surveyed area with a powerful photogrammetric camera drone (UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). The subsequent data analysis is tailored to your requirements.

Photogrammetry and Video Flights

Whether by remote controlled micro drone or motorized paraglider - we realize professional and affordable services like airborne laser scanning,  photogrammetry- and video flights.

This short video lets you look behind the scenes to see the different technologies, methods as well as samples of application and results produced by the ArcTron Airborne Sensing.

3D photogrammetry with 3D ImageScan

Take-off for a surveying flight with the Mulitcopter (UAV). Airborne 3D data acquisition (in ancient aboveground and underground gold mine of Sakdrissi (Georgia). Client: German Mining Museum in Bochum).

UAV flight preperation
Microcopter flight service in Archaeology
Copter aerial image

Tunnel/gallery surveying with terrestrial 3D laser scanner

3D survey in the gallery - in the modern and antique gold mine of Sakdrissi (Georgia). 3D Model of the antique gold mine of Sakdrissi. Client: German Mining Museum in Bochum.

Gallery survey Sakdrissi/Georgia
Laserscanning inside the gallery
3D modell of the antique gold mine of Sakdrissi

UAV Flight Service of Excavation Sites

Getting to the excavation site fast is prerequisite for the excavation documentation in 3D from the air .

Preparing the documentation of an excavation site with a UAV.
GPS on the excavation site for the 3D survey of GCPs (ground control points).
Micro copter for the aerial photo documentation of a large-scale excavation.

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