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Aerial images

Nowadays, photogrammetry or digital images taken from an aircraft are mainly used for prospection and documentation in various projects.

We document research areas, monuments or excavation sites comprehensively and in high resolution with a single survey flight.

Gathering raw data

  • aerial survey by helicopter, small or ultralight aircraft
  • aerial survey by model aircraft (multicopter) with SLR-camera (only for small areas)
  • recording with digital images in high resolution
  • most common image resolution: </= 10 cm/ground pixel

Processing image data

  • image optimizing and adjustment (colour, contrast, brightness)
  • image rectification and optimizing of georeferencing
  • computation of image mosaics

Data delivery

  • orthophotos (RGB)
  • position and altitude accuracy in a cm-range
  • in blocks of 0,5/1 km²
  • TIFF-format with TFW
  • aerial image mosaic
  • CAD-maps
  • GIS-software Global Mapper
orthophoto (RGB)
CAD-map small research area, 9 orthophotos (RGB)
CAD-map medium research area, 20 orthophotos (RGB)
CAD-map large research area, 30 orthophotos (RGB)

Your contact person:

Martin Schaich M.A.

Tel.: +49 9408 8501 0



Current research projects:

As an additional option, we can offer you - depending on the project - further multisensor-technologies:

  • thermal camera (heat images)
  • hyper spectral camera (chemical-physical characteristics