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3D Laser Scanning

For years now, 3D laser scanning has been revolutionizing documentations in archaeology, cultural heritage, architecture and industry. 3D laser scanning is superior to previous technologies - especially for recording complex geometries. Its advantages are:

  • very quick documentation of all visible objects in very high resolution - thus considerably reduced survey work on site
  • 3D scanners with a combined digital camera not only record the geometry, but also the colour of the object
  • complete as-built documentation
  • comprehensive evaluation possibilities: point clouds, 3D CAD-models, orthophotos, 2D plans
3D laserscanning of power transformers

ArcTron3D GmbH currently deploys two laser scanners by Riegl-Laser-Measurement-Systems.

  • Riegl VZ-400: new model with very high measurement rate, long range, multiple target choice, excellent accuracy and full-waveform-analysis
  • Riegl LMS Z-420i: established 3D scanner for very long ranges, especially for topographical recordings

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