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3D Projections

Room projections onto 3D models

Using state-of-the-art, high-power projectors with computer based projection and software technologies, we create room projections on three-dimensional objects.

We are specialized in precise projections on complex three-dimensional surfaces. First of all, the 3D surface has to be recorded with a scanner and modelled in 3D. Afterwards, deploying special software, the different projector positions are computed, so that they will be able to visualize comprehensive, sharp, congruent projections of images or animation onto this 3D surface.

An example for this is the milled head model of the Constantine Colussus: It was masked by several projectors casting dynamic, high resolution image contents onto the face. Using an interactive terminal, visitors could call up different kinds of contents: e.g. damage mapping or the reconstruction of the original colouring. When entering the room in a particular area, which was monitored by a camera, the eyes of Constantine moved towards the visitors. The projection of colour reconstructions is especially suited for archaeological assets (e.g. antique sculptures, gable figures, grave stones, etc.), whose original colouring is lost today.

As an alternative to existing objects, special 3D models can also be created using our milling and 3D printing technologies. These relief models are milled out of plastic on the basis of a prior computer model. Aside from dynamic projections on large-scale maps (e.g. for the migration of cultural groups, find mapping, battle development), we offer projections onto detailed 3D landscape models. For this depicted example of the castle hill of Bernstorf, we carried out an airborne laser scan, which was transformed into a highly precise, scaled but slightly superelevated terrain model of the famous Bronze Age hilltop settlement. As chosen via an interactive touchscreen monitor, different kinds of information can now be projected onto the model: e.g. topographical maps, historical maps, maps of the castle wall, the excavation areas, special finds or geophysical examinations. Simultaneously, the background monitor shows reconstructions visualizing the former Bronze Age appearance.


  • 3D room projections from conception to implementation
  • delivery and installation of the whole media technology
3D room projection with two projectors onto the Constantine model (ArcTron 3D, 2009).
3D room projection with two beamers onto the Constantine model (ArcTron 3D, 2009).
3D room projection onto terrain models - depiction and conceptual graphics (ArcTron 3D, 2008).
3D room projection onto the terrain model of the Bronze Aged castle of Bernstorf (Implementation by ArcTron 3D, 2011).

This short video shows the mostly implemented planning of a terrain model of the Bronze Aged castle hill of Bernstorf.

Different, interactively selectable contents are projected onto the milled model. Simultaneously, a big-screen TV in the background shows further information and visualizations on the respective topics. Animation (c) ArcTron 3D GmbH.

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