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Interactive and dynamic applications

App programming
App programming

We love to interact!

Special key moments can be experienced using an interactive access to certain topics, models, visualized devices or landscapes, especially in game, museum or internet applications.

Our software developers, game designers, internet and multimedia specialists programme individual, interactively controllable systems for different kinds of multimedia platforms:

Museum Bernstorf - interactive touch screen
Museum Bernstorf - interactive touch screen
  • iPad and tablets
  • internet
  • touchscreens
  • multitouchtable
  • kiosk systems
  • virtual reality applications
  • 3D VR walls

In order to achieve feeling of “free” movement within the applications, we work with different technologies (virtual quicktime-panoramas, interactive 3D models, real-time simulations). We set great store by the immediate, intuitive handling of the interactive applications.

zSpace - das interaktive 3D Tablett

Exploring 3D digital objects with the zSpace

For museum or exhibition visitors – be it an interested individual, a scientist or a student - the zSpace 3D tablet is a fascinating new medium for all users. You are the surgeon of the 3D object or adventurer in a 3D environment. Convey your information through an exciting and entertaining medium for your visitors will vividly remember. "Dive in and explore playfully" ... with the interactive zSpace. We create the contents and deliver the zSpace to you ready to plug-and-play.

To find out more about the zSpace please visit

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR) is a representation form that expands the viewer's environment through digital content in 2D or 3D. Visual device such as AR glasses, smartphones and tablets are commonly used.

We create both educational content, as well as entertaining content with a fun factor.

Our service in these areas include:
  • generating virtual exhibition content
  • showrooms are enhanced with AR elements using 2D or 3D markers
  • designing and augmenting print media (catalogs, advertising posters, flyers etc.)
  • producing real-time-capable 3D content for AR and VR applications
Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset
Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset

Oculus Rift - Virtual Reality

The new Oculus Rift is out now! With these 3D glasses you can delve into the three-dimensional space and move virtually in historical worlds that leave you in awe. For this purpose you better sit down in order not to lose balance at high altitude. Put on the Oculus Rift VR head-set and travel with your body and mind into other dimensions.

Which locations do you dream of sharing? We realize it for you!

Interactive application of the Lorsch Abbey
Interactive application of the Lorsch Abbey
Projecting onto a terrain model
Projecting onto a terrain model
Virtual Museum Beilngries
Virtual Museum Beilngries
Interactive terrain model projection in small format
Interactive terrain model projection in small format
Virtual Limes Worlds
Virtual Limes Worlds

Your contact person:

Martin Schaich M.A.

Tel.: +49 9408 8501 0


Interaktive project examples:

Bronze Age Museum Bernstorf
Roman Wall Regensburg
Media Station Museum Zeilsheim

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