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High Resolution Printing - 3D Documentation to Reproduction

3D survey of the painting African Landscape, 1914 by August Macke, - commissioned by: Kunsthalle Mannheim
3D laserscanning of Fine Art
Detail view of the digital 3D model (vertically exaggerated)
digital 3D model
High Resolution Printing - a tangible, colorful and highly detailed 3D print
High Resolution Print - a reproduction of the original

3D Documentation

Color pigments and finest 3D-structures of paintings are surveyed in micrometer resolution using modern light projection scanners.
The 3D relief of the image including individual brush strokes are detected and recorded. The exact documentation of the structures and color data provide a documentation of the precise state of the painting. This is very useful for example for restorative measures or insurance case.

Data Processing

After the 3D survey the true colour data is processed and prepared for various applications in the highly sophisticated 3D software aSPECT3D. Through the graded colour-coded 3D elevation relief we can detect deformations of the canvas or examine other restorative important details that would otherwise remain hidden to the eye. This new analysis method facilitates the planning of restoration measures and helps to truly understand the artist.

High Resolution 3D Printing

With this completely new micrometer accurate printing process, we can now reproduce the previously recorded painting or highly detailed relief in extremely high accuracy. The sturdy material allows you to touch and feel even the finest brush strokes of the printed relief – experiencing the intentions of the artist with your fingertips.
Tangible reproductions provide enormous potential for the barrier-free design of museums.

Reproducing reliefs and fine art in highest resolution - in vibrant and true to original colours and robust material (possible to use even outdoors).

High-Resolution 3D Printing for reproducing reliefs and fine art
High-Resolution 3D Printing for reproducing reliefs and fine art

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