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CNC-Milling Projects

Our model building department can realize large scale projects with CNC-milling technology. Depending on your project, the model's size and your desired material, we work with different partners to achieve the best results.

We are especially focussed on museum exhibits (e.g. scaled monument copies, terrain and landscape models etc.). Almost all materials are possible: plastic and cellular plastic, EPS, wood, metal, stone or artificial stone. We also carry out casting projects (from single copies to serial production e.g. in bronze or other materials).

Please contact us at an early stage of your project, because each project needs intensive and individual preparation! 

The arm of Constantine as CNC-milling objects, scale 1:1 in the State Exhibition in Trier (2007).
Terrain model of Steffelberg produced with CNC-milling technology (Museum Forchheim, 2009).
The head of Constantine as CNC marble reproduction, scale 1:1 for the State Exhibition in Trier (2007).
Relief map, model for exhibition - terrain or city model with colored imprint, (2014)

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Martin Schaich M.A.

Tel.: +49 9408 8501 0


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