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Reproductions - Architectural Models - Landscape Models - Serial Productions

You want a real, tangible model of your 3D data set or a replica based on our 3D scans?

No problem - we create your model! Our model building department is equipped with several CNC-milling and 3D printing technologies (Rapid Prototyping, Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), which have been successfully deployed in many projects.



From 3D scanning to serial production

from laserscanning to serial production
laserscanning - data processing - bronze cast

The non-contact 3D survey is usually carried out on site. Objects can also be brought or sent to us for scanning. All other steps and individual intermediate results (e.g. positioning and size of your logo etc.) will be coordinated with you. Before serial production begins you receive a final specimen in the desired material. After your ultimate approval the serial production will launch.

3D models for the interior

coloured 3D print - architectural model
3D print of an architectural model

Your exhibition model is either printed in the original colour texture or manually painted by our in-house artist according to your guidelines in order to achieve a vivid look. Popular models include modern or historical architectural models, models of church, models of sculptures, copies of archaeological finds or museum objects.

Landscape models for the interior and exterior

landscape model in cast-bronze with braille
braille-embossed bronze cast

Models for the exterior are produced in weather resistant materials such as bronze, artificial stone or concrete. Models in demand include models with Braille, tactile models and relief plates.

Prototypes, sample models or reproductions as 3D prints in plastic (ABS and PLA)

Production prototypes made of plastic.
Production prototypes made of plastic
Sample production of prototypes from the 3D printer in plastic.
Sample production of prototypes from the 3D printer in plastic.
Individual copies in plastic suitable for visitors to touch and handle..
Individual copies in plastic suitable for visitors to touch and handle..

Producing prototypes for the automotive industry, in mechanical engineering or during the various stages of product design. Photo right: Over-size copy and original size copy of a bronze fibual.

An experienced team helps you during the conception and carries out your project quickly and with competence.

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Landscape model printed in 3D and hand painted.
Hainburg for the GNM Museum Nuremberg, CNC and Rapid Prototyping
Bartholomaeberg - terrain model with buildings, Rapid Prototyping.
Superelevated terrain model of the Staffelberg for the Pfalzmuseum Forchheim.
3D print models for the exhibition "Castle Myths" in the Germanic National Museum Nürnberg.
Colouring of a model by artist.
Milling models for the Constantine State Exhibit in Trier.
From laserscanning to bronze cast. Model: J. S. Bach.
Bronze model with braille of the Walhalla monument

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Castle exhibition models

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Feuchtmayer Replica
Walhalla bronze model
Dino fossil scan and reproduction
Emperor Wilhelm II. bust
Castle Eltz exhibition model