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Graphic Services

Your graphic projects are in safe hands with our master designers and versed graphic artists! We offer you professionally prepared, informative and factual panels as well as striking or artistic graphics.

Our CAD- & GIS-experts create and digitize complex, archaeological-historical architecture and findings, blueprints, maps (2D & 3D) as well as find mappings. 

As cultural heritage and archaeology specialists, we know where your problems might be and develop professionally suitable graphic ideas for your concepts. A skilled photographer and excavation engineer is prepared for high-quality photographic documentations.

Of course, we are equipped with the latest technologies. Using this state-of-the-art equipment, we digitise and edit your slides, photographs, pictures, maps, sketches, text-, CAD- and grid-data in highest quality.

We specifically develop suitable graphics and display boards, both for in- and outdoors, according to your desires and budget.



  • all CAD & screen graphics as well as traditional hand drawings
  • professional development of graphics and layout
  • prints on different kinds of material
  • 3D pictures on the basis of lenticular foil
  • display boards for in- & outdoors
  • data integration for further media
  • generating 3D data for 3D printing from maps, drawing or photos

Your contact person:

Martin Schaich M.A.

Tel.: +49 9408 8501 0


Further information:

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