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Building Survey - Building Inspection - Historical Architectural Research

A precise building survey is the first step of a series of measures to appraise the structure of a historically relevant building or a protected monument.

The manual building survey is a fundamental method in the field of historic building research for the preservation or documentation of buildings and building analysis.

Detail of a manual drawing of a builing recording

However, the historical building research has more methods available to source the complete history of a building:

  • archive and source work
  • photo documentation
  • room book draft
  • building description
  • reconstruction of construction phases / reconstruction of the construction process

For this research work not only all technical methods are fully utilized in accordance with the requirements and tasks of the project. In addition professionals such as architects, structural engineers, archaeologists and conservators work together to bundle their knowledge so that restoration and reconstruction measures can be carried out in compliance with the historic preservation regulations. With the architectural building research we deliver the construction documentation, the reconstruction of the building and the building's history record.

The ArcTron 3D company covers this service range comprehensively with its diverse expert staff in historic building research, survey, 3D laser scanning, archeology, 3D animation in collaboration with other professionals in related areas.

screenshot of the 3D model in aSPECT 3D
photo-realistic facade view
floor plan for reconstruction work
tower showing oblique deviation and temperature distribution
column - documentation for restoration work
stone wall shaded view of the 3D laser scan
stone wall - photo-realistic view of the 3D laser scan
screenshot of the point cloud
longitudinal section based on the point cloud

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