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Archaeological documentation

Description of a grave

The archaeological documentation includes total station survey and CAD-editing, photogrammetric recordings, preparation of excavation results in short technical reports or scientific evaluations.

From the surveying data acquired with the total station we generate a digital feature map of the archaeological findings usind the software ArchaeoCAD (a software application for AutoCAD and BricsCAD).

By using national coordinates for positioning, the survey results can immediately be imported into digital cadastral maps, topographical maps etc. The documentation is carried out both digitally and conventionally.

Since most of the documentation work is carried out on location, the time of post-processing is reduced. For instance, the digital finding and find documentation in a database (if requested also in ArchaeoDATA) is entered simultaniously to the excavation. That saves time and costs.

Rapid documentation of findings
Total station survey of a excavation area


section map
ground level 1
section image rectification

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