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Processing 3D survey data

Profit from our long-standing experience in 3D data processing of survey data from all kinds of measuring systems.

With our extensive software equipment, we are able to edit almost all kinds of 3D survey data and survey images.

Vianden Castle, CAD map - orthophoto view
Vianden Castle, CAD map - orthophoto view

Our evaluation range covers:

  • point cloud evaluation - registration, georeferencing, filtering
  • 3D modelling - triangular meshing, optimising, reduction and reconstruction
  • CAD-evaluation - 2D maps, photogrammetric image maps, 3D CAD-models
  • target-performance comparison - inspection using reference data
  • photorealistic texturing - realistic colouring of 3D models using photographic documentation
  • visualization and animation

We assist you with planing your project and provide you with an offer which suits your task.

Project examples: structured light scanning and laserscanning

Staatl. Bauamt Ingolstadt, Wasserschloss Nassenfels - Orthophoto
Wasserschloss Nassenfels, 3D laserscanning

Your contact person:

Martin Schaich M.A.

Tel.: +49 9408 8501 0


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