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3D Printer by ZCorporation

Z-Printer 650

As an official distribution partner of Kisters AG, we offer you the 3D printers by ZCorporation, which are also deployed in our company.

The 3D printers are comparable to an ink jet printer in functionality, operation and running. They are easily operable with the included software package. The maximum construction space is - depending on the model - up to 381 x 254 x 203 mm. Larger models can be printed in single parts and put together afterwards.

You can also get your models printed in colour! Special software solutions enhance the colour advantages of ZCorporation 3D printers.

Using ZCorporation 3D printers, it is possible to print models in 24bit colours directly out of CAD-data. Architecture and design planning, city and landscape modelling in a GIS-environment, application in medicine and science, form and construction analysis of parts with complex geometries, suport of designing processes or even modelling for museums: everything is possible!

Inform yourself per phone or mail, use our 3D print service or visit us near Regensburg and watch a presentation of technology and print examples on location. Of course, we can also carry out the presentation using your test-models (with costs)!

Our little animation shows the operation of a ZCorporation 3D printer. The plaster powder is transported into the construction space in thin levels (app. 1/10mm) and "glued" immediately. Simultaneously, the print head applies the colour texturing. This production of a part of Vianden Castle (Luxemburg) took app. 12 hours and is about 30 cm high. Animation (c) ArcTron 3D GmbH, 2009.

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