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Leica GS09 GNSS - the perfect GPS-solution for any job!

Leica GS09 is a comprehensive and flexible GPS system suitable for various projects. All you need is the GS09 antenna and the CS09 field-controller, which you can combine and configure with the respective equipment to meet your project requirements.

  • SmartWorx Controller
    The SmartWorx field-software offers you high productivity from the beginning. The symbol based menu structure and a coloured display provide a self-explanatory handling.
  • RTK-Rover
    The very light-weight, wireless rover can be carried for an all-day deployment without difficulty. Due to its sturdy construction, rough operations or even dropping cannot do any harm.
  • Reference Station
    For the simple positioning as RTK-basis, you only need the Leica GS09 SmartAntenna, a radio modem and a battery. If you want to record the satelite raw data, just connect the CS09field-controller to the basis.
  • Network-Rover
    The Leica GS09 is the perfect rover for all reference networks. The control data is received via the connected Leica GSM Module or simple via your own cell phone.
  • SmartStation
    You can even connect Leica total stations with the GS09 SmartAntenna. You can receive your position coordinates really quickly over the SmartStation.


We provide you with a completely configured instrument, which you can immediately use for your projects - just unpack it and start surveying without dealing with fixed coordinates for positioning...

Of course, you can also visualize your survey data with ArchaeoCAD - thus, the GS09 is a genuine alternative to a total station.

Ask us for information! We will gladly consult you without commitment about GPS and different kinds of Leica Geosystems devices.



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