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Camera Copters made in Germany

ArcTron 3D offers high-power multi copters for complex documentation and surveying tasks.

These camera flight robotors are also called "drones" or rather UAV / MAV (unmanned / micro aerial vehicles) and are very suitable for documentation and surveying tasks. More than that: they close the gap between terrestrial close up surveys and airborne surveys from aircrafts.



  • airborne photogrammetry system
  • heavy payloads
  • robust and stable
  • "Coming Home" function
  • GPS "Position Hold"
  • GPS "Way Point" Navigation
  • stabilized camera platform
  • professional photogrammetry 3D software suite
  • comprehensive training

ArcTron 3D offers different high-power quad- and octocopter systems. They are produced in Germany.

The systems are customized and optimized for deployment in 2D/3D photogrammetry tasks, aerial images and videos.

Octocopter. Chavín, Peru (2012).

Camera octocopter deployed in Chavín, Peru (2012).

Whether you need a compact aircraft for light loads and long flight durations or redundant load copters for heavy payloads - we provide a fully integrated and mature system, which will be adjusted to your specific needs and surveying tasks (e.g. video recordings, RGB camera, thermal camera, hyperspectral sensor).

Our flying camera platforms are very resistant and robust. They are equipped with position and acceleration sensors as well as a high-quality control technology. Their carbon fibre chassis makes them light but extremely stable. The rotor arms are demountable or foldable for safe and easy transportation.

As "airborne tractors", our multi copters are also able to carry full SLR cameras of up to 2 kg payload! That's why you can also integrate high-quality photogrammetry cameras or multi sensor systems. The camera platform is inclinable, fully stabilized and can be individually controlled. With full payload, the copter can fly app. 10-15 minutes. Up to 20 minutes are possible for smaller camera systems. 

Our multicopters can be controlled by one person - an important fact for most of our customers. For complex tasks, we can implement an additional control via WLAN online data transfer.

The combination with our survey and photogrammetry software suite aspect 3D provides you with a comprehensive airborne 3D photogrammetry system for various applications. With an altitude of 10-100 m, you can record in a ground resolution of one centimeter! aspect 3D provides all tools necessary for creating respective 3D terrain models, scaling and georeferencing them.

ArcTron 3D multicopter trailer - the octocopter system with stabilized camera platform shown here has been deployed in various airborne surveys.

We will gladly consult you! We offer systems with specifically customized according to your needs for professional airborne video, image and survey tasks.

Ground station for GPS flight planning

Ground Station
Software ArduPilot MegaPlanner 10

One main concern of ArcTron 3D's developments is the flight planning and mission management of UAV systems (Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles). 

We especially focus on developing a complex control and guidance system for safe flying. Photogrammetrical data requires a comprehensive positioning sensor technolgy adjusted to flight characteristics and payload of the multicopter. Due to our long-term experience with photogrammetry from ultra-light aircrafts, we can adapt certain company developments to UAV technology.

The full 3D photogrammetry suite

... your photos become precise 3D models

  • 3D ImageScan
  • 3D data processing
  • 3D presentation
  • 3D GIS & database

Our software aspect 3D is especially developed and suited for processing aerial images taken from multicopters. Using aspect 3D - ImageScan, a 3D point cloud and orthophotos can automatically be processed from these images.

Based on reference surveys on the ground (e.g. total station or GPS), the resulting model can easily be scaled and georeferenced. aspect 3D also provides various interfaces and tools for combining ImageScan data and data from other sources (total station, GPS, laser scanner).

Your contact person:

Martin Schaich M.A.

Tel.: +49 9408 8501 0


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