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Fort Abusina - 3D Laser Scanning and 3D Modelling


  • Bavarian State Authority for Cultural Heritage

Project Content

The comprehensive survey and documentation tasks of the Roman Fort Abusina near Eining in Lower bavaria took almost 3 years. Time was needed especially for recording excavation and reconstruction progress steps. For the project, 3D laser scanner by Riegl were deployed. 

In line with the surveying, the whole complex - including reconstructed and partially preserved Roman foundation walls - was documented both with terrestrial and airborne laser scanning. Through the combination of both data sets, a comprehensive three-dimensional documentation could be achieved.

Project Pictures

View of the fort area
Riegl LMS Z420i on mobile scanner car
Riegl VZ 400 deployed
point cloud and scan position
3D model ogf the bath building
Textured 3D-model of the Principia-foundation walls
Surface model
Combination of DTM and terrestrial surveys