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Warrior of the Teracotta Army of the First Chinese Emperor Qin Shihuang (Xian, China)


  • Technical University Munich, Department for Restoration, Art Technology and Conservational Sciences
  • sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research

Project Content

In 2005-2006 we surveyed five warriors of the Teracotta Army (app. 210 BC) in Xian (most of the with remains of the original colouring) in the name of the Technical University Munich. Among the documented, almost life-sized statues are the famous warrior from pit 2 with green incarnation, archers and arbalists and the depicted general.

Our task was not only the high resolution survey with a 3D-triangulation scanner, but also in the photorealistic texturing, in order to document the remaining colour pigments as detailed as possible. That way, single objects were partly textured using up to 500 high resolution pictures. The respective software solutions were only provisory available back then, so that specific programmes had to be developed by us. The transformations of the results in different computer presentations was carried out in cooperation with the TU Munich. Based on our research data, the Department for Restoration fashioned digital reconstructions (Dipl.-Rest. Felix Horn) of the partially careful and highly artistically former colouring of these warriors. The results of this project could be transformed into real models and animations, which were displayed, for example, in exhibitions in the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn and, later on, Berlin.

Project Pictures